Monday, November 28, 2011

Signed with Kids Preferred

w00t! We signed a new plush licensing deal! New Squaredy Cats for 2012 will be made by Kids Preferred! We're already working on the spring series, and they look amazing!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Squaredy Cats on WPIX 11 Morning News

 We were waiting as patiently as we could since we did this interview with Francesca Maxime around a month ago. It was finally produced, and aired on October 13 on the WPIX channel morning news Dunkin Donuts Studio On The Run segment.

Francesca and her production team made us feel very comfortable on the set, and Elaine did an amazing job explaining what Squaredy Cats are all about. We couldn't have been happier with how it turned out :)
They even flashed our Squaredy Cats Facebook page across the screen.

Francesca Maxime with Elaine de la Mata and Kurt Marquart, the inventors and designers of Squaredy Cats.

It seems everyone there had fun with the new plush line that's out now, and available at Toys R Us. Linda Church held, Tiger Lily, and Frances Rivera and Sukanya Krishnan really had a ball with a few others. Below you'll find a link to the broadcast piece, but directly below that check out what else we found. Someone posted a YouTube link of the team goofing off with the cats on the set, but we think it was terrific! How great that they had so much fun with our fun-loving toys.

Thank you to everyone at the WPIX Channel 11 Morning News in New York!

Here's a link to the embedded video below.


And here's the YouTube video of the fun banter.

Frances Rivera and Sukanya Krishnan a few of the Squaredy Cats.

Sukanya Krishnan holding Sandy (not squared to make waves) from series 2.

Sukanya Krishnan holding Honey (not squared to BEE smart) from series 1.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We're going to be on TV :)

Last week we were interviewed by Francesca Maximé of WPIX in their Dunkin' Donuts Studio On The Run. The focus was Squaredy Cats. We're really excited, and can't wait to post a link when it comes up! We're thinking some time this week. The new line of Squaredy Cats plush should be hitting the shelves at any moment.

Here's a sneak peak of one we were able to do by popular demand...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brooklyn is in the house

We designed the logo, package and play tiles for this game. Game developer INI, Inc. brought this Brooklyn inventor's game to the shelf. This is the kind of work that really makes us proud. We design a lot for the big companies, but we love when we can play a part in the success of the little guy.

Support a local inventor. It's really a great game! Buy it here.

See what the NY Daily News has to say about George Weiss and his game, Dabble.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pirates aren't the only ones who say "®!"

The monkeys at Monkey Doodle Dandy are saying it now, too! As of yesterday, we got confirmation that our application has completed the long process with the USPTO. We now own two trademarks - Squaredy Cats® and Squarey Monsters®.

It's another milestone for us as licensors, and we're proud to be where we are.

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Doing Their Own Thing"

We're on page 6 in the Art of Licensing supplement to License Global! They even used a picture of Giggles on the Table of Contents page :)

We're thrilled because we couldn't make it to Licensing Expo this year, but this magazine circulates through the show and will supplement two issues. We hope to make some new connections and find new deals. People are buzzing about Squaredy Cats!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

Squaredy Cats on NY1 News

We were so happy with the report that Jeanine Ramirez of NY1 News did on Monkey Doodle Dandy and Squaredy Cats! In case you missed it, we were on New York Tonight on NYC Time Warner Cable station NY1.

And here's the best way we can think of to show our appreciation :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interview on Ideas Uploaded

Elaine and Kurt were recently interviewed by Tara of the Ideas Uploaded blog. The blog is a valuable source for creative types. You'll find out what inspires designers, inventors, licensors, and anyone else in the toy industry.
Follow the Ideas Uploaded blog or on Facebook, and subscribe to the podcast.

We were both a bit nervous about being interviewed via Skype, not knowing what to expect. We were given an outline of the questions we'd be asked; but between not being fully prepared despite that fact (because we're always working), and both of us being somewhat "camera shy" we were somewhat nervous. Elaine did a fine job of speaking for both of us as I stumbled through confused thoughts, irrelevant tangents and unfinished run-on sentences ;)

Listen to the podcast interview or take a look at the blog post if you're interested in hearing more about how Squaredy Cats came about and our experiences making it happen.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ShakyGlobe is Shaking it up

Found this article from aNb Media (Royalties, Toys & Family Entertainment, Time to Play Magazine) on ShakyPlanet today. We have a few ShakyGlobe collections in their store. If you have an iPhone check out the app, and start collecting!

The article mentions "...Monkey Doodle Dandy (soon to be a product line from Gund) are just a few of the licensed versions available,"  but it should be noted Monkey Doodle Dandy is the company, and Squaredy Cats is the property GUND is licensing for plush.

The good folks at aNb Media made a change to the paragraph at our request (YAY! Thanks :)

It now reads:
"The licensing possibilities are endless. Licensing will play a large and immediate role in the snow globe concept. Speed Racer, ComicCon 2010, and Squaredy Cats (soon to be a licensed product line from Gund created by Monkey Doodle Dandy) are just a few of the licensed versions available."

Check their store for:

Squaredy Cats
Squarey Monsters

Here's the ShakyPlanet Facebook page.